My clothes are all made by me

to figth against mass goods.


My mission is to create a sustainable 
and unique
long lasting garment line.
Living the slow fashion movement means to 
fight against
fast fashion and
bad working conditions
in far countries.
Living the sustainable movement means to 
fight against
environmental pollution.
Mostly I try to use GOTS certified, organic-certified,
non-chemical treated fabrics.

Nothing wears better than natural fibers.
Your body and mother earth will be




The garment comes not from far away.

 The clothes come directly from me to you.



About me

I am Julia, the creator behind Universo paralelo.


I founded my brand when 2014

I found out that I can not follow my studies in enthnology anymore.

So I listened to my inner voice what to do. She told me to come back

to my creativity and figth against what makes me sad

– earth polution  - mass goods .

I found my way to sew extraordanary clothes for women.

I am very grateful to have the opportunity to live my heartwork

day by day.


My creations are highly inspired by nature and sacred geometry.

The prints I use are mostly made by myself or by friends of mine.

It is my way to live my art with doing clothes like artworks.


Using natural fibers is very grounding and healing not only for me,

but also for anyone who chooses to wear this clothes.

I am looking forward to share this creative process with you.


It is truly an honor!





Attention: shipping costs are not refundable